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Thursday, February 6, 2014

34 Before 34

Here we go again! I am excited to start crossing things off my list!

1. Institute a bed time. Keep it.
2. Get my passport.
3. Read all of Anna Karenina
4. Read all of 18 other books (8 from last year's failed list and 10 more for this year).
5. Finish one of my crossword puzzle books.
6. Put myself on at least a one month spending freeze.
7. Develop a regular exercise routine.
8. Hike Seven Falls, Sabino Canyon.
9. Use up all of my stationary.
10. Make some progress/decisions about the non-profit I work for in my "spare time."
11. Finish my frivolous, flippant eBook.
12. Figure out the whole eBook thing.
13. Go to the Tucson Gem Show.
14.  Teach myself how to make good tres leches cake.
15. Create a Life List for Go Mighty.
16. Take overflowing basket of clothes in need of repair/alterations to the seamstress.
17. See irises in bloom at the Tucson Botanical Garden.
18. Go to Muse Apparel in Phoenix.
19. Go to Tohono Chul Park.
20. Create a home that "rises up to meet me." (Oprah-ism)
21. Go to Portland.
22. Organize my digital music library.
23. Write at least one *real* blog post a week - not just a Ten on Tuesday post.
24. Host at least 12 families that I have never had over for dinner.
25. Develop an actual, working budget that I can stick to.
26. Meet my spiritual goals for 2014 every month.
27. Take the express bus to work more. ( I took it about 35 times last year.)
28. Add at least 20 more pins to my "Pins I Made Happen IRL" board.
29. Stop biting my nails!
30. Write a tactful, well-formed letter of complaint about an experience/product/etc that I found dissatisfying.
31. Obtain/edit/develop a small, quality wardrobe. My current wardrobe is a bit of a mess.
32. Organize my jewelry. (Yes this is a bit silly, but it is driving me crazy and I keep putting it off.)
33. Give myself a pedicure at least once a month
34. Make a new friend.


  1. These sound big!!! And hard! I think I have accomplished 2 or 3 on my 31 while 31 list...I have 5 months left. Not looking good.

    1. Yeah - I am just hoping to at least cross off the ones that are carry overs from last year. It should maybe be called 34 things to procrastinate on before 34.

  2. Once you get that Tres Leches cake down... invite me over!

    I really really need to start doing this list, but I can't even think of worthwhile goals other than exercise more, read more. I want to put specifics, but I don't want to set myself up to fail.

    7% Solution

    1. Will do! And yes, I have found the more specific the goal, the easier it is to stay focused!

  3. Can I do # 8 with you? I really want to come out for a weekend.