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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten On Tuesday: 90's R&B - Female Vocal Edition

Oh 90's R&B, how I love you so! When I look at all of the amazing R&B that came out of the 90's, I wonder if that is what is wrong with so much of the music today. All of the good stuff has been done already. So we are left with nothing but the horrific crap that is that stupid fox song or that selfie song mess.

Please note, this list is not in order of my favorites nor is it exhaustive because that list would be impossible to create.

1. My Lovin (You're never gonna get it) ~ En Vogue
Girl power and talent? Word. Why, again,  did we let the Spice Girls become popular? We already had En Vogue. 

2. Right Here (Human Nature Mix), SWV
I have been obsessed with this song from the first moment I heard it. I have always thought that           SWV (Sisters With Voices) was the best named group ever because they did have such beautiful           voices. 

3. Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days) ~ Monica
In the great Monica versus Brandy debate of the 1990's, I was always firmly team Monica. And if I hadn't been before this song, I was after. Not that I didn't like Brandy, but did she ever give us a song that we could use to explain all of our teenage hormonal issues to people so simply? No. Thank you Monica! 

4. Sittin' Up In My Room ~ Brandy
On the other hand, I really, really, really, really love this song. And I have always loved Brandy's raspy vocals. And she is Moesha. And Cinderella. Okay, okay, I take it back, I was Team Brandy. 

5. The Boy Is Mine ~ Monica and Brandy
Because who am I kidding? I was team both. 

6. Creep ~ TLC
If you are choosing a TLC song for this list (because of course you are choosing a TLC song for this list), "Creep" is maybe not the most obvious choice, but it was always my favorite. Except just now I have thought of 5 other TLC songs that I absolutely love. Dang it! 

7. Real Love ~ Mary J. Blige.
Just. So. Good.

8. Are You That Somebody? ~ Aaliyah
One of my favorite music videos ever. Why? Probably because it was one of the first ones I ever saw. Cable-free childhood y'all! 

9. Honey ~ Mariah Carey
The 1990's gave us Mariah Carey and for that, the decade says "You're Welcome." 

10. That's the Way Love Goes ~ Janet Jackson
I feel almost panicky that I am already at 10 songs, because ALL OF THE OTHER SONGS that I have not yet listed. Fortunately for me, plenty of my favorite Janet Jackson songs and most of my favorite Whitney Houston songs, are in the 1980's so I am not snubbing them, they are just not eligible. Phew. 

90's R&B - Female Vocalists. Talk to me. The comments section is just down below.


  1. I resent your rude comment about the Spice Girls.

    1. Haha. Like I have room to judge-I have Spice Girls on my iPod

  2. hahahahahha. r-i-g-h-t. however; i do have to agree about mjblige

  3. This is a great list! I have Right Here on my running list, for my biannual run. Red Light Special was my fave off the TLC album. Janet song is pry the best, but runners up: Got til it's Gone, Go Deep, Together Again... I CAN'T CHOOSE. Always be my Baby is one of my all time faves, but maybe that's too poppy for this list. Also, I was always Team Brandy, just b/c Monica seemed unnecessarily bitchy.

    1. Monica did always seen to have an attitude and Always Be My Baby is a good one!