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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: Current Obsessions

The songs that I am currently listening to on repeat - which I recently heard was totally an INFP thing.

1. Missy ~ The Punch Brothers 
Have I moved on from Alex? No! Of course not! I have just added Missy to the mix. So now instead of listening to Alex on repeat, I listen to Missy AND Alex on repeat. Why do the Punch Brothers have this power over me??

2. Hunter ~ Pharrell Williams 
Pharell's new album, Girl, is so deliciously funky that I can hardly stand it. Hunter being the funkiest track of all. Also, it is very Janelle Monae

3. One on One ~ Hall and Oates 
Look, it is what it is. Hall and Oates is a thing that is happening in my life right now.

4. Back Down South ~ Kings of Leon 
I have a specific set of Kings of Leon songs that I listen to over and over again any time I am driving around Tucson around sunset with my car windows rolled down. Weirdly specific. I know. But it feels right.

5. Case of You ~ Joni Mitchell
"I could drink a case of you and still I'd be on my feet." Le sigh.

6. Cherry Wine ~ Nas 
Really, I just keep coming back to the entire Life Is Good album, but this song is definitely one of my favorites.

7. Stay With Me ~ Sam Smith
So....not the happiest, best message in a song, but I am a sucker for the yearning in his voice.

8. Love's In Need ~ Blackstreet 
I am a huge Stevie Wonder fan, so it is unlike me to like a Stevie Wonder cover, but I am convinced that this is a good one.

9. Marilyn Monroe ~ Pharrell Williams
Have I ever told you about my love of every song that Pharrell Williams touches? We should talk about that sometime.

10. Shelter From the Storm ~ Bob Dylan 
I am in a very strong Bob Dylan phase right now.


  1. "Case of You" such a fav on SO many levels. thumbs up. #superfine. ha, ha.

  2. oh, shoot. just saw #10 "Shelter From the Storm" Bob, oh bob.