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Monday, May 5, 2014

Photographs ~ Rihanna (Volume 4)

This is less "the week in pictures" and more "several weeks in very few pictures." Classic Meg's Mind win. 

My sister sent me this picture of my niece and I plan to make use her adorable pouty face to make meme goodness. Here is my first one. 

Me goofing off in front of the Cookie Cabin on Mt. Lemmon.  

It's slightly disturbing how quickly I can eat an entire bag of these.

This is what happens when you tell a graphic designer that you think that the easter bunny scares you. 

I spent several days sick at home catching up on my magazine reading. 

 I have been on a cookie-making kick lately. These were just okay. Recipe can be found here

Painting this bookshelf has been on my to-do list FOREVER. And now it is done. Let us rejoice! 

I decided to make a "vision board" of my 34 before 34 goals so that they are always in front of me. I have it hanging on my wall now. 

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  1. I could use a day in bed catching up on magazines (but I really don't want to be sick to do it... drats!)