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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just a Cloud Away ~ Pharrell Williams

I'm going on a trip soon. And when I say trip, I actually mean super awesome fun times vacation. Naturally, I am a bundle of panicky, anxious, cranky misery. Especially since my spreadsheet isn't done. You know, the super awesome fun times spontaneous vacation spreadsheet? The one that tells me exactly what time I am going to be where and how much money I am going to spend and the reservation numbers and the net profit margin of the trip, which without the spreadsheet I can't specifically identify but I am going to ballpark at -1,000%. I would guess lower, but I don't want to be a little black rain cloud of zero fun-ness right before my super awesome fun times vacation.

If you think this is bad, you should have heard me before my trip to New York and Connecticut last year. What I keep reminding myself is this: the minute I got on the plane to go on my trip to New York, all the negativity was instantly silenced and the trip was wonderful. That trip reminded me that I need to go on trips occasionally to get out of the ruts in my mind created by my constant anxious mental pacing.

I am determined that on this trip I will meet new people without it turning into a stranger danger debacle and I will read books instead of blogs. I will lounge lazily in the great outdoors. I will wander and not be lost. I will not make a to-do list or freak out about trying to remember to add something to my to-do list. *Pause while I go add 16 things that I just remembered to my to-do list.* I will not be tied to my cell phone (although, yes mom, I will text or call someone every day to confirm that I am alive and thank you very much for the sweet card! It was obviously very fitting.)I will try to enjoy the moment. Most of all, I will savor every second of NOT 100+ degree weather. This would all be so much more convincing if I had not made sure that IT fitted my laptop with all things necessary to do work while on vacation, wouldn't it? Yeah. It would.

Before I go, however, I plan on adding "schedule blog posts" on my to-do list so that while I am gone, you will actually get more posts than you normally would. I sold some things on craigslist recently, which means that I have recently had contact with strangers. That, of course, demands chronicling on the blog.