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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Photographs ~ Rihanna (Volume 5)

Pretty flowers from my dad to congratulate me on my promotions. Dads are kind of the best, huh? 

Me + Mason Jars = Crafting obsession. 

Cheap peonies from Trader Joe's. They never really opened up. This is the second time that I have bought flowers from Trader Joe's. Both times it has been a mistake. 

Pretty flower on my chalkboard coffee table; drawn by one of my recent lovely dinner guests. 

Sweet flowers and candy from a friend and now co-worker. 

The Bulls drafted Jordan 30 years ago. How is it possibly that long ago? 

Summer nights *almost* make Tucson summer days bearable. *Almost.* 

Enjoying some World Wide Stout at Tap & Bottle during their 1st anniversary celebration weekend. 

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  1. Do not eat starbursts and Twizzlers together. Especially in a movie theater. ugh