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Monday, June 23, 2014

What Shows Do You Watch?

I may have gone too long without a constant source of television. Why do I say this? Because now that I have an actual television (but not actual channels, let's not get crazy), and Internet, and Netflix, and Hulu Plus, and Apple TV(note to self: never complain about quality of life again; ridiculously spoiled) all I do at home is watch TV. I will have a list a mile long of things I would, could, or should do and if they are things I can not do while watching TV, they will not happen. Except sleep. I do not sleep on my couch unless I have guests and I do not fall asleep with my television on ever because, well, when you know better, you do better. My insomniac-plagued self knows that the television makes for a poor lullaby. Also, sometimes I can accomplish stuff that involves being in the kitchen because my TV is wall-mounted and swivels so I can see it from the kitchen.

It is funny how quickly you get used to having something. I went almost two years living in a place that had no Internet and a television with intermittent cable/satellite access. I used to just play nonline (nonline - new word that is more fun to say than offline that I am totally owning and making a thing) games and watch DVDs on my laptop. And read. And do crosswords. And crafts. And write. And work. And think. Now? It's pretty much just watch TV. For instance, I haven't written a card or a letter to anyone in months. And what is super sad about that is that I keep all of my card and letter writing supplies in a little drawer thing that is on wheels and so I have wheeled it over so that is three inches away from me when I am watching television and still I just watch television. No writing. Sad. Sad. Sad.

And what am I even watching? Well let's see...Since it's Summer, my regular shows on Hulu Plus are on hiatus, so I have been re-watching all of House, Arrested Development, regularly keeping up with my main squeeze Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, and have almost started watching The Office which I have only ever seen a few episodes of in my life. Shocking, right? I also had a brief fling with Lost, but it stressed me out. Oh! Also, every episode ever of The Cosby Show is now on Hulu Plus, so I have been watching that occasionally too.

How about you? What are you watching this summer?

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  1. Ugh I'm in a no TV channels, no internet situation right now so I've been watching the same movies over & over & OVER again.