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Saturday, January 24, 2015

35 Before 35

I don't want to be at a disadvantage this year, so I am posting this in an ultra-timely fashion.

1. Be in bed every week night by 11:30 PM, if not earlier.

2. Get my passport.

3. Read at least one book a month.

4. Finish one of my crossword puzzle books.

5. Implement the budget I created for myself.

6. Develop a regular exercise routine.

7. Use up all of my stationary.

8. Figure out the whole eBook thing.

9. Finish my frivolous, flippant eBook.

10.  Teach myself how to make good tres leches cake.

11. Finish and work on my Life List for Go Mighty.
As it turns out, I definitely did create one. 

12. Take overflowing basket of clothes in need of repair/alterations to the seamstress.

13. See irises in bloom at the Tucson Botanical Garden.

14. Go to Muse Apparel in Phoenix.

15. Go to Tohono Chul Park.

16. Fully decorate one of my balconies so it is a warm, inviting living space.

17. Write at least one *real* blog post a week - not just a Ten on Tuesday post.

18. Host at least 7 families that I have never had over for dinner.

19. Meet my spiritual goals for 2015 every month.

20. Take the express bus to work regularly.

21. Add at least 20 more pins to my "Pins I Made Happen IRL" board.

22. Stop biting my nails!

23. Obtain/edit/develop a small, quality wardrobe.

24. Get a subscription to Russian Vogue.

25. Go to San Diego to visit my friend Erin. (I am so overdue to visit her!! #badfriend)

26. Get a full annual physical.

27. Clean out all my old notebooks that I have around the house, so that I just have a few notebooks of the notes that really matter.

28. Get a reliable car or at least be ready to buy a reliable car in early 2016.

29. No fast food February. Go the entire month of February without ever becoming desperate or lazy enough to get food from a fast food establishment.

30. Try eggplant.

31. Get an emergency kit and save up an emergency fund. This will also be called the Boy Scout goal, because, well.....always prepared.

32. Go to Old Tucson.

33. Go to the Arizona State Fair in October.

34. Finish a project/gift to send to my friends as a wedding present.

35. Spend more time in St. Louis this year than I did last year.

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  1. I love how much variety you have in your goals and that you have a good mix of easier-to-achieve and harder-to-achieve goals!